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Cons: I felt although they said the two attendants were great they were at best mediocre especially the man. Pros: Flight was relatively smooth and arrived more than thirty minutes early. Cons: Flight attendants did the basics without showing any enthusiasm for their job or appreciation for the passengers in business class. Food service in business class was uninspiring as there was no element of "international cuisine" on a flight where some dining creativity would have been welcome.

Pros: The flight crew was amazing. Cons: Honestly, nothing!

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The entertainment was not necessary for such short flights and were still available. The pretzels were Overall great flight. Cons: The seats are extremely restrictive and in a aisle seat I had the gentleman sitting next to me with thighs touching and attendants brushing by me as I squished to left to avoid contact with him. Entertainment screen between center seat and window seat so I just didn't even try to look at it and mostly just leaned forward to have a little space.

Also another inch or 2 was taken by person in front of me putting their seat back. With such restrictive space why is this even possible??? Flying has become ridiculous and I try not to as much as I can. Cons: Crew only came by once for drinks, other flights they have come by two or three times. At the end of flight they said they were coming down to collect trash but never did. Cons: Your website messed up and booked my flight for the wrong month. I booked sept 20 and your site errored out.

Cons: The seats were too tiny for business class. Nowhere to put anything. So close to next passenger. I would not fly business class again on BA Terrible entertainment. No interesting movies. Nothing current. He seats in business class between Heathrow to Rome were like regular seats except with the middle seat blocked off. Food was just ok. Cons: First leg of our trip on British air on a smaller plane with lots of comfort and room.

Our 2nd and long leg was on a larger and newer plane. Leg room and room for the tray table was so tight and uncomfortable for a long Flight. Paid extra for end seating and using British air for transfers through Heathrow as an American Air partner. Will try to avoid the extra cost in the future. Cons: Old Plane, My seat control had an error message, service could improve a lot it was a first class ticket and I had no service at all Flight attendants were MIA the whole time.

Food service was regular. I am completely disappointed of Aeromexico. Pros: Crew amazing, food really good, I just had a better experience because the lack of leg room, my 3 years old was hitting the next seat so the lady totally ignorant and mediocre was arguing with me. Cons: I bought WiFi for my iPhone on the flight and could barely use it because it kept kicking me off and was super slow. Pros: Very friendly crew, my flights were on time, good selection of movies.

That's about it. Cons: Their Basic fare should be renamed "Bare-sic" — you have to pay for almost anything.

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Food choices can be better. I guess they can pay the Munich airport to get better treatment and not having to bus their passengers around. Cons: Not being delayed three hours and stuck on a plane. Basic courtesy like offering water would have been appreciated. Pros: In this age of very tight seating. JetBlue still manages to offer a better seat, a happy and efficient crew and good service at the airport. There were only two bathrooms for the whole airplane, used both once and I could barely fit in it.

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Pros: BA cancelled my flight, but did offer an alternate on Lufthansa on same day,. Cons: Being notified of the cancellation, instead of accidentally finding out about it. Very poor or lack of communication regarding cancellation due to pilots' strike. Cons: My first flight leaving very early in the morning from Burlington VT was delayed several hours because a ground crew member forgot to put the heater on the plane the night before.

Pros: The agent at the bag drop was very helpful. We had two reservations and she took the extra step to call someone and helped check our luggage all the way to destination. Thanks for the wonderful service. Flight attendants were all smiling and very friendly. A very special treat that we got two snacks each which were very much appreciated as it was an early morning flight and we didn't get a chance to get breakfasts.

Pros: The airplane looked old. There was no entertainment available on the flight from AMS to SVO, but definitely more leg room then the newer airplanes. No having entertainment available made it a very long flight. Cons: The temperature was extremely warm. Jus a bag of potatoes instead of a sandwich. Cons: The flight sat on the ground well over an hour after landing. No gate was available.

Many missed their connections. Cons: boarding and unloading are nightmares. They really should load the planes back to front and if someone has a connecting flight, they should be allowed to unload first. Cons: Crew listless and tired.

Not even a coup of coffee in the morning before a 6 a. Seat didn't recline 3A. My seat, tray table, arm and head rest were downright filthy - used three wipes to clean the horrible mess and they were all black. Cons: The seats were awful and uncomfortable. Payed dollars extra for even more leg room and barely had any. Such an old plane for such a long flight. The seats in the first row barely fit a female with hips.

The in-flight entertainment was staticky and you could barely see the TVs. Overall, one of the worst flights I have taken on JetBlue. Pros: Jetblue is just amazing, lots of smiles, tv, free fast WiFi , free snacks and drinks! Cons: Flight delayed for over 6 hours. Didn't arrive home till 3am. Poor customer service. Pros: I was not happy when I watched the ground crew drive off with my luggage because the flight was over weight.

Seems to me the company should plan flights better. Cons: The pilot caused passengers to have major delays. He was rude and unprofessional. Pros: The seats are so much more roomy than the other airlines that fly there. It was very comfy. Cons: It was a short flight with no entertainment or food. Nothing not to like.

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Cons: Didn't make it to this flight due to problems described in aforementioned flight madrid to London. Was stranded in London overnight. Cons: Less leg room than on other airlines, Crew was noisy, credit card reader was broken so all payments processed manually, maybe they were behind schedule because of this and were rushing through the cabin as a big group. Cons: Always late to depart.

Seating was cramped and uncomfortable. Pros: The seats were not very comfortable. My seat was very mobile. When the person behind me would get up they would grab my seat. It was very cold in my area as well not just by the emergency exit. Cons: The flight attendants should show that they care about ALL the passengers, not just the ones that they know or ones who are paying more for a seat. Pros: Tv control broken with wires coming out of the arm rest in all seats of the same row.

Cons: Inflight snacks and better seatback entertainment system— mine was broken: armrest controls were inoperable. Pros: Rude employees. Forced me to check my bag on both found, despite both flights having about overhead bin space. Cons: The flight comfort was very bad. The plane was extremely warm and people we beginning to feel bad.

If you're the spontaneous sort — or if you've left it late yet again - fear not, booking last minute travel isn't necessarily going to break the bank. While airlines, hoteliers and tour operators would love you to believe that booking in advance is the only way to save, consider that when seats and rooms are left unfilled, the laws of supply and demand come into play at times pushing down the price for the savvy, plan-procrastinating traveler.

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We checked out several popular travel sites, both last-minute-geared and otherwise, and rated them for ease of finding last-minute deals and value of said deals. Here's how we'd go looking for a good deal on that weekend break we just decided we were going to take. Flight comparison sites like Kayak are a good way to find the cheapest airfares at any time, especially if you search using flexible dates — for example, if you're able to leave a couple days before or after popular times, such as holiday weekends.

For a dedicated last-minute section that's a breeze to navigate, Expedia is our go-to site. Different destinations may be cheaper at particular times of year. Search results are displayed in a visual, wanderlust-triggering interface. If you have a particular locale you're dying to hit, hunt online for a site that deals specifically with that area.

CheapCaribbean exclusively covers the sunny isles of the Caribbean, with a last-minute section that displays deals for accommodation and flights from your chosen airport. Or, for a super-spontaneous cruise holiday, hit up a site like LastMinuteCruises where you can book to sail for the Bahamas or the Caribbean in as few as three days.