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For anyone looking to challenge their grip and coordination, that was well taken care of. Several obstacles required bell ringing. The obstacle was made up of vertical 2x4s that required careful transitions and shoes with some grip. Perhaps the toughest obstacle of the day, though, was the Barnstormers Rig. According to March, it turned out to be a band killer among competitive racers. It required transitioning between rings, baseballs and even a baseball bat in order to ring the bell at the end. And because it was late in the race, many of the athletes already had fatigued grip.

With around total participants, emPowered OCR definitely has the potential to become an annual event, with some expansion. They do plan to keep the competitive waves mainly mandatory completion, which personally I love.

There were a few hiccups with the registration process, but plans are already underway to improve the process for next year. Instead bands had to be manually checked among the top finishers. At no point did I feel like this was a first-year race. The Season Pass has always been a popular choice amongst Spartan enthusiasts to get the most bang for their buck.

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The Season Pass will be fully gated, meaning you will not be able to sign up before submitting qualifying information. Trifecta Pass. Some of the links that ORM uses are affiliate links. They help pay for our operations. However, all race and product reviews are independent, and our opinions are our own. I should congratulate Spartan. Progress has occurred at the expense of the community.

Do you also remember and miss the good old days? Obstacle Racing Media was given an exclusive look at early injury numbers measured via medic reports submitted at venue during And guess what?

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What this IS about is how soft, how white-washed this sport has become. This is what happens when companies sell out. This can be attributed at least partly to recent changes focusing on safety that has sullied the race experience and proven divisive at best.

Many of us miss the good old days before Spartan sold its soul in exchange for TV money and hastened to rid itself of everything that made it great in the first place. First to appear was Reebok- the soulless, trend-hopping, neglected cousin of Nike. Desperate to capitalize on the sport of functional fitness, the brand peppered overpriced gear with our hallowed logo and treated OCR shoes like iPhones, releasing a new, mildly disappointing update each year, with grip one can only assume was directly inspired by a banana peel that had been soaked in warm coconut oil.

Then the gladiators disappeared- which, as many of you remember, led to a nation-wide boycott of races by the cosplayer community.

To have a sweat-soaked, muscular, cape-wearing hunk take you down and dominate you at your most vulnerable…I still get chills just thinking about it. In fact, that rush alone was excuse enough for a season pass for many of us. But sadly, those days are gone. And the courses? In the past, racers were guaranteed at minimum several ravine tumbles, a rolled ankle, and maybe even a few deep slashes across the back, courtesy of barb wire.

Come Monday I used to show up to work an absolute wreck. Mornings were spent limping around the office, regaling anyone within the distance of the tribulations I had undergone while they had spent a lazy Saturday sipping breve lattes or comparing paint finishes at Home Depot. How could they not be? My body was hardened by burpees, my confidence sky-high.

Cracked scabs oozed puss through my dress shirt as I bent to fill a mug with my signature brew bulletproof coffee mixed with one-and-a-half sticks of butter. It was clear I had returned from the edge, from something extreme, having stepped beyond what was normal or expected of a man and emerged better for it.

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Chafed nipples leaked tiny droplets of blood onto my pastel-striped Brooks Brothers shirt, like Rorshach tests that served to inform my coworkers of their own daintiness. I imagined David Goggins looking proudly down from Heaven, a single tear rolling down his stern face. Editors note: David Goggins is alive and well. The opposite of present-day Spartan. Gone are the threats of sepsis and paralysis, replaced by participation medals and special interest stories on NBC.

We ran to honor the flag; now people run for Instagram likes. Why race when you can purchase the experience from your couch? Google trends confirmed my suspicions. Also gone these days, the ability to utilize the spear throw area to literally gun down competitors. For several years now the spear has been tied via rope to the fence, eliminating the once-fan favorite game of Frogger that would occur while volunteers rushed into the line of fire to retrieve spears from the target. A higher-up with Spartan who wished to remain unnamed acknowledged my concerns.

As many of you know, back in Spartan was forced to indefinitely postpone their second annual cruise after the ship was quarantined following a post-trip coast guard inspection of its pool and hot tub. Spartan and hedonism will once again be synonymous as Spartan and the recently-unstickied Royal Princess will return to Stirrup Cay, Bahamas in NorAm Champs Results.

We often get questions like: What are the best shoes for a Spartan Race?

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What shoes are best … [Read More To set the stage for our first article of this kind in 4 years, let's take a look back to some … [Read More Obstacle Racing Media. Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube. The Venue Summit Bechtel Reserve is absolutely perfect to host an event like this.

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Sign up for our brand new Hot Deals email list! Sign Up Here. October 27, Crystal Paine. Add to my favorites. Jesse and Kathrynne ran the Spartan Race last week and had a blast doing it. Kathrynne ended up finishing a few minutes before Jesse! And the fun after the race… getting all cleaned up. Looking for more? Read more posts about Pregnancy Update. October 27, at pm. Crystal Paine says:. October 28, at am. Cheryl says:.

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