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The way values are exchanged is the biggest difference. But values are in fact exchanged, even if no money or products change hands. The way the work is done is also surprisingly similar. In the for-profit world, say your business sells advertising to other business customers. To make the sale, your business has to show your customer the value the advertisement will return. How many people will see their ad? How will it be displayed?

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Who else has advertised with your company? How does the community view your company and its products or services? The value exchanged is clear to your customer. You may have a list of menu options for your potential sponsor to consider. But if the payoff for both of you is worth it, you could make it happen. Your golf tournament sponsorship is a business transaction just like any other. Yes, your sponsor is parting with his money without you providing him a direct product or service.

But what you are providing your sponsor is the opportunity to advertise to your participants and volunteers.

Golf Mulligan Coupon Template

The sponsor is taking an active role in helping others in the community. If this business is in a competitive market, such community involvement sets this business apart. Talented people want to work there and local shoppers want to support the business. And you get a great sponsor for your golf tournament.

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Ryder Group events. The primary difference between the sponsor and the partner is the commitment and the time needed to secure a deal. You may form a sponsorship relationship in the midst of the planning phase of your latest tournament. The sponsor agrees to a deal, makes a financial contribution, and provides you with logos, banners, or flyers. Then he may attend your event and do a bit of networking, mingling, and snacking. A golf tournament partner is more involved in your tournament. This relationship could actually take several forms. A partnership could be a long-term or ongoing relationship with a corporate sponsor.

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The partner sponsors your tournament every year for a significant dollar amount. Use the attractive and colorful mulligan cards for raffle tickets. Generate extra revenue from contests and games of skill. There are many different contests that you can include in your golf outing—from putting contests and chipping contests, closest to the pin, long drives, accuracy contests, to crazy just for fun contests.

Your imagination opens up a wealth of opportunities for entertainment and involvement. The cost of these contests could be over and above the original registration fee or some of them could be included. Whichever way you work it, there is still an opportunity to generate more revenue by selling mulligans for some of these extra contests. The more you allow, the more chance you have to make money.

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Another reason to include these fun contests is that it can get everyone involved in the fun and games that your tournament offers. Even those who are not golf orientated can spend their money trying a putting contest. Contests tap into the resources of the people who are ordinarily observers.

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  4. Your one of a kind mulligan cards offer an opportunity to be souvenirs for your golf tournament. Using the hilarious cards , with fun pictures and graphics, instead of an ordinary plain ticket, opens up an opportunity to add uniqueness to your charity tournament. Many golfers will want to add these special Mulligan cards to their memory files of your successful and fun tournament.

    Several golfers requested the Mulligan cards after the tournament. So, you can see that with very little effort, you have several outstanding ways to easily raise money for your charity golf tournament.

    How to Make Money Using Golf Mulligan Cards

    Next, discover five more great ways to use mulligan golf cards to raise money. Also, grab your free fun mulligan golf cards to use at your charity golf tournament. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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