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But not that hard…mmmm…Lambie. So Googa Mooga was this past weekend, in case you've been living under a rock or outside of New York City. I went on behalf of CBS and pretty much discussed everything I ate over there. But for those of you who don't like clicking, I'll tell you my top two favorites and the thing that every one was talking about besides the Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken which I can get whenever I want at Brooklyn Bowl! If their hope was to get some more people saying "Oh man! Can one of you assholes I call friends please come with me to eat at the Brindle Room so I don't have to eat another meal by myself at the bar?!

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I was starving when I finally got to the stand and had to listen to the most moronic conversation in the history of Prospect Park when I tweeted this out , I wasn't playing for 45 minutes, but dudes, it was all forgiven when I took that first bite. I didn't even care that I got meat juice all over myself! It was just the most succulent, tasty burger ever. Look for me to make a visit in the very near future. For dessert, my top honors went to Katzie Guy-Hamilton's Dirt Cake and not because she has one of the best names ever.

The decadent milk chocolate pudding was topped with candied gummy orange peels, Oreo pieces, and mini chocolate malt balls.

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It was creamy and so much fun to eat. Plus, I'm a sucker for the whole "Look! Oreos as dirt! And yes, I had the foie gras doughnut from Do or Dine. I feel that I should have waited and had this at dinner sometime. The combination of the heaviness from the foie gras and it being the waking hours of my day held me back from getting into this.

I felt so bad throwing out most of it! My few friends around me all passed on eating the majority of the doughnut and I thoroughly felt that I might ralph if I ate another bite after the first three. Le sigh. A couple weekends ago we attended the Street Vendor Project's International Meats Local at the New Amsterdam Market, a special event which featured five popular New York street vendors four Vendy's finalists and one winner making their signature recipes with humanely raised meats and other locally sourced ingredients.

Every bite was awesome. I had to pace myself and I still ended up completely stuffed. I was so full that I was actually grateful that Veronica's Kitchen ran out of food before I could get a plate because then I didn't have to feel guilty for missing out. The pupusas and tamales were especially delicious.

While waiting in line for pupusas I was taking some mental technique notes watching the forming and shaping of the pupusas--Solber and all the other vendors from the event are featured in our upcoming best of New York street food book. And I'm pleased to report that years of pupusa eating and pupusa-watching have paid off.

Last night using Reina Soler's recipe, I made some darn tasty homemade pupusas. For more of our recipe testing antics and news of where we'll be photographing carts and trucks for the book in case you want to try to get in the photos , follow us on Twitter BlondieBrownie.

I'm totally planning on telling you everything about Googa Mooga well, everything that I haven't already said or shown on Twitter , but I'm totally wiped from this weekend of running, biking, walking, eating, birthdaying, singing, crushing, and drinking. After having a not-so-great time at Googa Mooga on Saturday, I needed hot fudge or heroin to change my black mood. I finally! I'm in love with this sundae. Just go get it. I'm going to rationalize my intake of this sundae by biking to and fro Ample Hills which will burn approximately the whipped cream, but whatever.

AND they're having a party this Saturday! I can't believe it's only been a year since they already feel like a NY institution. My high school boyfriend didn't drink soda. He didn't like the way it tasted. He didn't like the carbonation. He didn't like it at all. At the time I was a Diet Coke fiend. We always has a bottle in the fridge. I just didn't get how someone couldn't like soda. Fast forward a few years and soda has lost its charm for me. I can count the number of sodas I have in a year on a single hand. And if I do go for a soda it's usually some sort of out there flavor like grapefruit or ginger beer.

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It was my first time at the market and after sample all the tasty Vendy's fare, I was ready for something cold and refreshing. That's when I spotted Brooklyn Soda Works' table and all those old soda lovin' feelings kicked back in Made with fresh juice and sweetened only with cane sugar. This is a bolder and spicier ginger soda than you typically find on the market. Not too sweet and boasting plenty of fizz, it was the perfect drink to gulp down on a warm day after a big meal.

If you have a hankering for a decidedly grown up soda you can find them on tap at Beer Table in Park Slope they will fill a growler for you to take home! Keep tabs on them via Twitter BklynSodaWorks. For the past few days, I've been reliving my Friday night through photos. This was the second time I'd been to Tortas, and I had been sold on that first visit.

He closed down the store to open this truck, and it's quickly becoming a Roosevelt Ave destination. It's full of slow-roasted pork with lots of crunchy bits, and covered with quesillo a mild, Oaxacan-style cheese. Note that every sandwich contains avocados, lettuce, and tomatoes. The sandwiches are named after Mexican soccer teams, so don't let that throw you off either.

Like the second sandwich, Tortas Chivas, did not contain goat or Scotch.

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With eggs, chorizo and quesillo, it's the equivalent of a breakfast sandwich--the best breakfast sandwich in the world! For more photos from our crawl, check out Clay's post. Donny has a post up too with more behind-the-scenes photos of our book making. If you want to do the Roosevelt Ave food crawl, get in touch with Jeff. I highly recommend it. One of my favorite summer dessert discoveries last year was the fluffy, snowlike shaved ices from Wooly's, the Dessert Vendy's winner. Well, with nice weather finally in our 5 day forecast, I'm pleased to report that the Wooly's cart is back at work with a new location and plenty of news I had a chance to catch up with co-owner, Danny Che, earlier this week to talk recipes for our upcoming best of New York street food cookbook coming out from Running Press next year--yes, Wooly's will be featured along with many other beloved street food vendors.

While we talked recipe logistics and techniques I couldn't resist getting the scoop on this season. Unlike last year when the cart was operating in various locations in Lower Manhattan, this season they will be at the Seaport 7 days a week from Monday though Friday, pm. To kick of their launch month they've dedicated May to "Mango Madness" and will be serving the above mango-centric menu all month.

If you go to the cart the secret menu won't be posted duh, then it wouldn't be a secret , so you've got to follow to be in the know. This coming weekend they'll take a rare break from their Seaport spot to do Googa Mooga where I have word that they'll be handing out a limited number of size upgrade coupons which can be redeemed at their Seaport location.

The regular rotation of flavors: green tea, original, strawberry and mango will all be back next month and regulars might notice that they've switched up their menu a bit. There's still a choose-your-own topping option, but they also have a few suggested combos to order based on their most popular pairings from last summer. This month those pairings include: Mango Madness -mango shaved ice -fresh mangoes -mango sauce Mogo Loco -mango shaved ice -fresh mango, mochi -sea salt leche sauce Berry Delicious -mango shaved ice -fresh strawberry, fresh blueberry -mango sauce Mango Tango -mango shaved ice -fresh mango, fresh strawberry -sea salt leche sauce Mmmm I'm looking forward to getting my fix soon Wooly's Ice South Street Seaport woolysice jump.

During my rally to finish this last damn paper of the semester it's like it never ends! Andy Pettitte was returning to the line-up! It was Mother's Day! I hear there's a meatball sandwich to be eaten! I'll let you guess which one of those reasons sealed the deal. Inside "The Great Hall," you find a wee little stand topped with tomato cans: it's the Yankee Stadium outpost of Parm.

The stand opened last year, but seeing as my ticket hook-up didn't have season tickets anymore and the few times I was offered an extra, I was out of town, I never made it to The Stadium. There is only one picture that exists of my meatball sandwich because my race earlier in the morning had left me on the far side of famished. I found the sesame roll soft, chewy and perfect, while the well-seasoned meatball was big and thick enough to be mistaken for a patty.

I loved the cheese and savory, not too sweet sauce, but I was really won out by the basil leaves. It needed the flavor and texture. I mean, W-T-F! But I let that go when the Carvel guy hooked it up with extra sprinkles! Of course I couldn't say no to trying a treat. While The Treats Truck Stop will eventually be serving items not available on the truck--owner, Kim Ima promised there would be all sorts of wonderful new Truck Stop exclusive treats in the future--on that first day they had the standard treat spread including the Chocolate Chip Macaroon which surprisingly after nearly five years of following the Treats Truck, I've never tried.

Until now Actually, it's probably not all that surprising that I've never tried the macaroons. Until fairly recently I thought that I hated coconut. We are creating the next generation of maps for phones and tablets. Our partners include major carriers, brands and publications who have built unique mapping applications on top Real-time mobile communication LiveProfile helps you stay connected with friends and share in real-time. It's a better alternative to text messaging with blazing fast message delivery and receipts to show you when messages are delivered, read, and even when the recipient is typing a response.

Easily build online database apps. Knack helps non-programmers easily build beautiful, data-driven web apps. Data can be imported from spreadsheets and converted to an online database. Tools like search, forms, and tables are used to build web apps that work with the data. Apps can be published NYC's fastest growing mobile startup -- building the future of the past Timehop is NYC's fastest growing mobile startup. Timehop is tbt everyday -- the photo album reinvented for the digital era. Millions of Timehop users open the app each day to see their old photos and posts from this exact calendar day in history , , Revolutionizing the way people discover health and connect online.

A platform for collaborative health: learn from the collective wisdom of patients and professionals alike. Betterment is a goal-based online investment company delivering smart, personalized financial advice paired with low fees and a superb customer experience. Our software helps amateur sports teams be more efficient, informed and connected GameChanger is changing the way local amateur sports teams collect, manage and share information.

Our mobile app and website provide scorekeeping, stats, live GameStream plays and recap stories for thousands of amateur teams. Doubling high-traffic businesses' sales during rush hours Storific provides high traffic businesses a way to double their productivity and sales during rush hours by receiving their customers' pre-paid mobile orders at the cost of a classic credit card processing fee, while enabling their customers to skip the line!

With SKIT! And every story shared can be remixed, continued, or just sampled, allowing any story to inspire and evolve to new forms of expression. We're looking for a team to help us build the next revolutionary cloud. Acustom uses a 3D body scan that collects over 2 million data points, which powers its proprietary "Digital Bespoke" technology to make custom clothing that's better fitting, Using proprietary computer vision algorithms, Placemeter can count the number of people that walk by a Connecting people through travel using geo data.

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Tripl is the first app that lets you discover where your friends are traveling, without any of them being on the service. Tripl takes all the geo tagged content like statuses, checkins, and photos being shared by friends across all your social networks Facebook, Intelligent Decisions as a Service Conductrics makes it easy to create targeted, self optimizing customer facing web and mobile applications.

Go way beyond simple AB testing, and build applications that can adapt and target your users in real-time with Conductrics' intelligent decision API. LY empowers businesses and individuals alike to take control of their social media.

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Our proprietary CommandPost and PowerPost products provide a powerful combination of measurement, management and monitoring tools not available anywhere else. Our flagship Square for contracts Shake is a mobile application that allows users to create, sign, and send, legally binding agreements from their phones. Get deals done quickly and confidently, all from your phone and all for free. Designing a logo for a startup? Need a quick NDA? We empower quants with free data, cluster computing, and capital. We allow anyone to develop, test and execute trading algorithms using our ultra-fast cloud simulator, online IDE and high resolution financial data.

The Future of Entrepreneurship What started as an observation - that people used apps like Evernote as terrible ways to organize their business ideas - evolved into Elevatr. It's the first mobile business planning tool. Deals include kid and family This typical home has an average of rooms being over-heated or over-cooled at various times. In-store and online customer engagement platform Alluring Logic puts IPADS in the hands of retail sales associates with data on the products they sell and the customers they work with, to enable more personalized shopping experiences.

It also helps the retailer sell more stuff. Your tasks. Producteev has quickly become one of the leaders in the task management space. Simmer enables publishers, culinary content creators, and the everyday home cook to use their iPhone camera to capture each step of Bet On Yourself WayBetter is pioneering a new approach to behavior change. Our first product is DietBet, a game that motivates people to lose weight by betting on themselves.

It works by providing group support, microgoals, and real rewards.

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Dining out just went mobile. Dash is a new way to pay at bars and restaurants. Using your phone, you can check-in at a Dash venue, view your bill, split it with friends, and pay with one tap.

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We care about clean design, simple yet elegant user-experience, and eating great food. We're a team Mobile Relationship Management Appboy is the leading platform for mobile relationship management. The company enables the world's brightest companies to manage the lifecycle of their users through a suite of marketing automation products and a dedicated Success Squad. In addition to user segmentation Changing the way we eat. The world is conspiring to make us fat. HealthyOut is here to solve our healthy eating problems.

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