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T-bills are sold with maturities of four, 13, 26, and 52 weeks, which are more commonly referred to as the one-, three-, six-, and month T-bills, respectively. The one-, three-, and six-month bills are auctioned once a week, while the week bills are auctioned every four weeks.

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Since the maturities on Treasury bills are so short, they typically offer lower yields than those available on Treasury notes or bonds. In this case, the only difference between notes and bonds is the length until maturity.

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Typically, the more distant the maturity date of the issue, the higher the risk of payback to investors, and so the higher the compensating yield. The other key difference is the way Treasury bills pay interest. Like a zero-coupon bond , You would buy T-bills at a discount to par, where par acts like the bond's face value. This discount is determined at the auction. When these securities are auctioned, they may sell at a price that translates to a yield to maturity higher, or lower, than that of the coupon.

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Primary Market Auctions: T-Bills are issued through a competitive bidding process at the weekly auctions. Trading Hours: Daily from hrs to hrs. We use cookies on this site to enhance your user experience. By browsing this site you are giving your consent for us to set cookies.

Treasury Bills vs Bonds

Hide Message Privacy policy. Treasury Bills also known as T-Bills are the short term debt instruments generally issued by Central Government or Federal Banks to raise funds or provide supplementary funding to the Federal Reserves. Due to their discounting structure and short period maturity, US Treasury coined them as Treasury Bills.

Identifying the structure of treasury bills from its basic definition as stated above step by step:. Every organization needs funds to carry out its operations. For governments taxes are the single source of revenue, hence to carry out public welfare projects like constructions of schools and hospitals, roads, railways, and airports, etc. T bills do not pay regular interest as the case with governmental bonds but are issued at a discount i.

Due to shorter due dates, it becomes convenient to avoid remitting any regular interests payments and the discounted value serves as the final return to the investor. The investor did not receive any payment in the form of interest during this period of 52 weeks.

Taxation rules get changed from country to country.

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